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Video ads, pop-ups, and unexpected redirects are extremely annoying, but they’re not the greatest evil you can run into when browsing the Web. The real danger is presented by sneaky malware programs that try to get into your computer file system through the browser. If you frequently visit torrent tracker websites, your computer is being exposed to dozens of malicious scripts on a regular basis.

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Fortunately, you don’t have to give up torrent websites if you want to keep your PC safe. Just install the "Flicklers" browser extension and enjoy an instant boost in your online security and privacy levels. "Flicklers" will not give the malware a single chance to infect your computer. In addition to that, it also blocks countless online trackers that “live” in the background and collect information about you every time you visit a major website.

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Of course, you’re not going to actually see most of these improvements, but you’ll definitely notice a huge decrease in the number of ads the Web forces on you. "Flicklers" will prevent you from seeing most video ads, banners, and pop-ups. This way, the extension saves both your time and Internet traffic, resulting in a much better Web browsing experience (faster loading times for most web pages). If you want to support a content creator by viewing the ads on their channel, you can simply whitelist the respective website in "Flicklers"’s settings.


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Use "Flicklers" for Safe, Private, Uninterrupted Web Browsing

Finally, "Flicklers" itself is not a threat to your online privacy. Despite having access to your network traffic, "Flicklers" doesn’t store any of this data. In fact, all communication between you and "Flicklers" servers is safely encrypted to prevent any attempts at collecting your personal information. Please visit additional sections of our websitef to learn more about our privacy policy and licensing agreement.

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